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Extensive product testing to ensure the best results

All our shutters, louvres and screens are designed to pass the toughest test – the test of time. Here at Shutterflex, we also carry out independent product testing, including cyclone and bushfire protection and our experienced team takes every care to ensure they meet the highest standards in every detail, from materials and design through to workmanship and function. 

Shutterflex’s strict Quality Assurance program includes product testing, with engineering certification of all designs and working parts. Being a Quality Endorsed Company to standard ISO 9001:2008 means our management and manufacturing systems have had to pass muster with tough, independent certifiers. 

For our customers, that means excellence you can trust.

Reliable whatever the weather

As an Australian manufacturer, we know what our products will need to withstand the elements. All our Federation shutters are cyclone rated and have engineering certification for storm-prone locations all over Australia including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Darwin, Magnetic Island, Airlie Beach, Port Douglas, Mackay, and Cairns.

The independent structural product testing of our Federation adjustable blade panels by Uniquest Pty Ltd at the University of Queensland, confirmed that our shutters are structurally adequate to sustain the wind load required by AS 1170.2-1989. Their report is available for your inspection on request.

Our CycloneSafe™ roller shutters are also rated for cyclone-prone areas and have been rigorously tested for their ability to meet the demands of cyclonic winds and protect windows, interiors and inhabitants from winds, rain, and flying debris.

Tested by James Cook University, the CycloneSafe™ roller shutter is cyclone rated up to C4 T5 and complies with AS/NZS 1170.2 2011 Cyclone Standard. Professional product testing proved these shutters can be used in all Australian cyclone regions including Cyclone Region C & D C4 at 1500mm wide. Also, it has a Cyclic loading by AS 4040.3 and a Fatigue Loading Sequence and design pressure tested by AS 4055. In plain English, they are designed to keep you safe, and leading experts have verified their strength and durability.

Ideal for bushfire-prone areas

Fire is another perennial hazard in our country, so to provide peace of mind for our customers in bushfire-prone areas, Shutterflex supplies the CW Product’s, Firesafe™ Bushfire-Rated roller shutters. These have been technically tested by CSIRO at their product testing facility in NSW (Report# FSZ1379). The tests showed our roller shutters achieved a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of A40 when fully closed and are fully compliant with New Australian Standard AS3959-2009.

During product testing, The Firesafe™ Bushfire-Rated roller shutters and elements of its construction were exposed to radiant heat as severe as 40kW/m2, to simulate bushfire attack including both radiant heat and small flaming sources. Shutterflex is proud to say that Firesafe™ performed successfully, so we can be sure they will provide the level of protection you need.

For more information on our product testing procedures, call our helpful team in Brisbane today on 07 3277 5428 .

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