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High-quality window louvres

Shutterflex has always operated on the leading edge of innovation in sustainable solutions that are uniquely engineered for the Australian climate. We were the first company to bring powder coated aluminium shutters to the Queensland market and ever since then, Shutterflex has been at the forefront of designing and developing energy-efficient shading solutions and window louvres for the construction industry. 

Our ongoing inventiveness has resulted in an outstanding range of custom-engineered and manufactured products that can diffuse, control and moderate heat and glare, leading to better thermal efficiency and reduced energy use.

This solid commitment to sustainability was recognised in 2011 when Shutterflex was named a finalist for Innovation of the Year in the 2011 BPN Sustainability Awards for the Perforated Ellipse Sunblade installed at Mon Komo in Redcliffe.

We make it easier for projects to be Green

For asset owners and occupants in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, the single biggest cost saving a commercial building can make is through improving lighting, ventilation and air conditioning efficiency. As more architects rise to the challenge of designing sustainable buildings, we meet them halfway, with an ever-expanding range of window louvres, shutters and screening products that combine smart solution-focused functionality and highly aesthetic designs. 

Here in Australia, sound design will always take advantage of our abundant natural light and incorporate natural cross-ventilation, while still needing a solution to the baking heat that can radiate through glazing during hot summers. Our locally manufactured products solve this problem, with both fixed and operable designs that shade glazing from glare while still allowing the desired amount of fresh air and sunlight. 

The result is a more energy-efficient building that will provide an increased level of comfort for occupants for many years to come.

Climate-smart solutions

For more budget-conscious building projects where functionality is the key consideration, the Shutterflex range includes cost-effective window louvres for sun shading on schools, portable buildings used in mining communities and government housing.

Our window louvres and shutters are versatile enough to be installed anywhere, from a luxury Gold Coast resort to the beer garden of a mine in Western Queensland. Our in-house design and manufacture enables us to provide a climate-smart solution that perfectly suits the building, location, and budget.

Aluminium is sustainable

Shutterflex window louvres and shutters are manufactured from Australian aluminium, one of the most sustainable metals around. It is recyclable, and studies have shown that over two-thirds of all the aluminium ever produced is still in use today and that 95% of the aluminium used in buildings gets recycled. The durable qualities of the metal and the existence of recycling infrastructure means that any aluminium product can always be recycled and reused for the manufacture of something else again.

Today’s soft drink can could very well form part of tomorrow’s sunshade!

Aluminium is lightweight, and combined with its durability, can result in dramatic fuel and emissions savings during project installations and also makes it cheaper and easier to transport and handle on-site. There’s also a human sustainability aspect, as by being easier and lighter to handle, aluminium window louvres also reduce the risk of manual handling injuries.

A significant volume of wasted building materials goes into landfill sites at a cost to both the economy and the environment, and others are recycled at a cost to the community. Aluminium is recycled in a way that pays for itself because it can usually be recycled in a single process that uses up to 95% less energy than the initial creation of the metal from raw ore (bauxite). 

As almost all aluminium used in construction is recycled, the considerable energy invested in the production of primary aluminium is effectively constantly reinvested into other products. The aluminium industry is also working to increase their energy efficiency and lower the emissions of the aluminium production process through developing new technologies. 

Aluminium’s versatility includes the capacity to be finished in a wide variety of ways, such as a timber grain finish produced through a photo imaging process, creating a product that looks like timber while reducing the pressure on our forest resources for construction timber.

“Aluminium recycling thus not only represents good urban house-keeping, it provides major energy benefits today and tomorrow.” Professor Thomas E. Graedel, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science

Source: www.greenbuilding.world-aluminium.org

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