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Thorough shutter care and maintenance

By using only the best materials, and because of our meticulous approach to manufacturing, Shutterflex products will give you years of reliable service with only some basic shutter care and maintenance required. As part of our full service, we’ll advise you on appropriate shutter care once we’ve installed your shutters at your property.

Here are a few shutter care and maintenance tips and some expert advice to keep in mind.

  • Use your shutters regularly and apply a light lubricant to operate parts after cleaning to keep everything moving smoothly
  • Shutters can be affected by a build-up of salt, dirt and grime, so regular cleaning is essential
  • If you live on the coast or in a heavy industry and traffic area, you may need to clean your shutters more often
  • High-pressure water is one of the best ways to clean your Shutterflex shutters, and most areas will have professionals who can provide steam or high-pressure cleans

Feel free to download more detailed shutter care, maintenance and operation information below.

Shutter care and maintenance instructions
Roller shutter care and maintenance instructions


If any part of your shutters is not working properly, despite carrying out correct shutter care, cleaning and lubrication, they may need a professional service. Shutterflex recommends a regular, yearly service or at the first sign of any issue. 

We have also prepared some troubleshooting information that you can download below. Shutterflex can recommend experienced shutter care and service personnel in South East Queensland, or we can refer you to one of our agents. 

If you require the help of trusted shutter care professionals, call us today on 07 3277 5428 .

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